Anger Management Counselling in Exeter and Torbay

Facing the underlying issues

What is anger?

Everyone gets angry or feels anger at things from time to time. It’s perfectly natural and often comes down to feeling the everyday stresses of daily life or as a reaction if we feel threatened, frustrated, disappointed, or betrayed – or for any other reason. You might even feel yourself getting angry more frequently, even at small or inconsequential things.

While a normal human reaction in certain situations, more serious issues can arise if anger isn’t managed properly. Your anger could become destructive or harmful, significantly impacting your quality of life, mental health and wellbeing, and those around you. 


Certain ingrained habits can also make your anger worse, including:

  • Ignoring positives and focusing on negatives
  • Perfectionism or expecting too much from yourself or others
  • Extreme thinking and an all-or-nothing mindset

Signs of an anger problem

Sometimes, we might know that we get feelings of anger and understand there can be a deeper problem. Knowing the signs is important and can help you manage your anger. If you can recognise those signs, it will give you a chance to step back and calm down. Signs you might have an anger issue could include:

  • You get angry at small things
  • You get angry frequently
  • You get angry easily
  • You stay angry for too long
  • Reacting with physical violence or verbal abuse

The physiological results of anger can vary from mild irritation to intense fury and rage, and your heart rate and blood pressure will increase as your body prepares to go into ‘fight or flight’ mode. Even if the issue is resolved, you may still have to deal with the physical effects because your residual anger has to go somewhere.

Often, it can be taken out on something or someone else, such as your partner or even a stranger. Anger management counselling effectively reduces and manages the feelings and actions that anger can create.

Anger management counselling

Many people seek anger management counselling when they know that certain things trigger these extreme responses. It could be a reaction to larger underlying issues or events, such as divorce, job loss, bereavement, or some other major life change. Knowing when or how to seek help is the first step to recovery.

Anger management counselling doesn’t attempt to remove your anger. But, by using a mix of talking therapies and behavioural techniques, you and your counsellor can explore the possible causes and triggers of your anger and face those underlying issues.

Using the expertise of our counsellors at Devon Therapy Services in Exeter or Torquay, you’ll learn specific techniques to understand and control your anger and express it safely, constructively, and in a healthy way. In the end, you can take control of your life, achieve your ambitions, and overcome any challenges that have been holding you back.

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