Anxiety Counselling in Exeter and Torquay

Understanding the underlying issues

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is not a random or unknown disease or illness. It’s caused by our thinking patterns and it’s a completely normal reaction to stress, fear, or worry. Whether you feel stressed or worried about personal or professional problems, anxiety is created when you feel overly tense, nervous, or afraid.

While everyone will experience anxiety at some point in their lives to a greater or lesser degree, it can turn into a serious condition if you become physically, psychologically, or emotionally symptomatic, or fearful, worried, or upset because of it. This can also lead to common symptoms which include:

  • Restlessness
  • Tension
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Lack of concentration
  • Increased heart rate and breathing
Conditions including panic, separation anxiety, social anxiety, general anxiety, or certain phobias can appear for specific reasons and have definite underlying reasons for why they continue. But they only continue because those underlying factors aren’t properly addressed. Once they’re looked into more deeply, the conditions can often be reduced or even stopped altogether.

Many people take medication as their only form of treatment, but that can lead to long term dependency, or perhaps going on and coming off it over and over again. Unless the underlying issues are looked into and understood, anxiety will almost always come back or continue.

Anxiety Counselling & Psychotherapy

With or without medication, counselling and psychotherapy sessions with an experienced anxiety professional can produce the most effective results.

“Having suffered from many years of anxiety, it wasn’t until I learned to deal with the underlying factors, that I could fully conquer it. And, through my training to become an anxiety counsellor, I’m free of both medication and anxiety which has helped me do many good and exciting things in my own life. Let me help you do the same.” – James

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