Counselling in Exeter and Torquay

Informal, open, and honest discussion

What is Counselling?

Typically, counselling is a pure form of talking therapy involving an informal, open, and honest discussion with a trained therapist (or counsellor). It’s their job to listen to you and offer guidance and support while helping you understand and deal with any problems, worries, or difficult emotional or mental health issues you’re facing.

Counselling can be, or mean, different things to different people. But it’s something many people will look to when they want to make a positive change in a particular area of their lives, need support through difficult circumstances, or because they want to understand or explore specific thoughts and feelings they might be experiencing in more detail.

How can counselling help you?

Counselling, and any talking therapy, has many benefits. While it was often seen as a last resort for people who couldn’t cope, counselling is now widely accepted as a valuable and preventative form of mental self-care, helping people manage their feelings or emotions before they become severe.

Counselling can be effective in many areas in your personal or professional life where you may be trying to cope with difficult life events or developments or a change in circumstances, including:

  • Bereavement, divorce, or relationship problems
  • Historic or recent traumatic experiences
  • Depression, stress, or anxiety
  • Other emotional, mental, or physical health issues

If you’re currently affected by any life events that you’re finding difficult to cope with or come to terms with, our counsellors at Devon Therapy Services will encourage you to open up and share your feelings or problems in your counselling sessions.

How do counselling sessions work?

Each of our counsellors takes pride in listening without judgement and supporting you while understanding your feelings and the difficulties you’re facing. Helping you find ways to overcome or manage them, each of your sessions will give you the mindset and tools you need to help you move forward with confidence, clarity, and control.

While different counselling styles will suit different people, we offer confidential counselling in a way that works for you and we can help you with either:

Individual sessions, face-to-face sessions in Exeter or Torquay
Online sessions using Skype, Zoom, or MS Teams
Confidential telephone sessions (on landline or mobile)

Counselling makes a significant and positive impact on your life. So when you’re ready to take your first step towards counselling in and around Exeter and Torbay, Devon Therapy Services will be happy to offer you a consultation to find out more about you and what counselling is right for you. Find out more about how we work.

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