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Counselling and Psychotherapy in Exeter and Torquay

Counselling or psychotherapy sessions allow you to look deeper into your issues and any difficult or buried emotions you have, to understand why you have them and why you’re feeling a certain way.

With each of your sessions taking place in a safe and confidential environment, between you and your counsellor, you’ll have the trust and support you need to talk openly.

Counselling and psychotherapy is all about having a natural, two-way conversation to help you come to terms with your issues and create goals for a more satisfying life. Our team of experienced counsellors and therapists are qualified and trained in a range of methods to help you get there and they can do it by having that conversation with you.

Your counselling or psychotherapy sessions

Our counsellors aim to create a non-judgmental environment to help you feel accepted and supported in every session together. This will reassure you that you’re free to talk safely and openly about the issues or challenges you face. They can also bring empathy and understanding to each session while remaining professional in the words and language they use to support you.

Your sessions will focus on self-knowledge and awareness to find your strengths, allowing you to build them up as you use them during everyday life. Your counsellor will also work with you to develop new skills and techniques to improve your mental wellbeing while using complementary therapeutic methods to find the most effective way for you to move forward.

First-time sessions

For some, counselling or psychotherapy is an unknown experience, where sharing thoughts and feelings with a stranger can be uncomfortable or unsettling, but it’s natural to feel unsure about your sessions. We want you to feel relaxed, comfortable, and calm when you visit us. So we’ll arrange an informal ‘introduction’ session so you can sit together with one of our counsellors to find out more about each other and what you want to achieve.

Who we are

With a fully-qualified team, Devon Therapy Services offer a range of counselling and psychotherapy in Exeter and Torquay.

James Holloway

James has over 10 years of experience in personal counselling and psychotherapy. Starting in student counselling, he moved into staff counselling for the NHS and now runs two private practices, working with a range of clients.

Priscilla Mgute
MBACP, BSc Mental Health Nursing, Psychotherapist

With a background in mental health work and education, Priscilla qualified with a BSc degree in Mental Health Nursing in 2017 and worked for the NHS as a mental health nurse before her private counselling work.

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