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What is relationship counselling?

Having a relationship with any significant other is one of the closest relationships you can experience. But in any relationship, a couple can go through plenty of good and bad times, ups and downs, and find themselves facing hard questions and difficult decisions.

Relationship counselling can help couples improve their relationship and work through their issues. Very few relationships are problem or conflict-free, and relationship counselling can be beneficial for couples struggling with communication, trust, or other problems.

But while relationship counselling is a way to resolve issues, it can be helpful at any stage of a relationship. People in happy relationships can still get value from counselling to strengthen communication and connection. But if you and your partner are struggling, seeking out relationship counselling from a qualified counsellor or psychotherapist can be a proactive way forward.

When to get relationship counselling

No one’s perfect, and that includes the relationships we have with life partners or significant others. Sometimes we need a little help to work through our issues, and that’s okay. Seeking professional help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

But it’s often the case that some couples will leave it too late before getting the help they need. Relationship counselling should begin when issues start to affect your daily life. If you’re wondering whether or not you should seek relationship counselling, here are a few signs that it might be a good idea:

  • You’re constantly fighting with your partner. If it feels like you’re spending more time arguing than getting along, counselling can help you learn how to communicate better.
  • You’re stuck in a cycle of unhealthy behaviours. If you find yourself in the same arguments or making the same mistakes over and over again, counselling can help break the cycle and get you back on track.
  • You’re dealing with a major life or stressful event that’s affecting your relationship.

How does relationship counselling help?

If you and your partner are having trouble communicating or working through conflict, counselling or psychotherapy can help. Therapy like this provides a safe space for you to explore and discuss the issues in your relationship and work towards resolving them and improving the relationship while learning new skills for managing conflict.

You can learn how to express yourself more effectively and understand your partner’s perspective through counselling. Relationship counselling can also help you to:

  • Identify unhelpful patterns of behaviour in your relationship
  • Find new ways of reconnecting or relating to each other
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Understand how any external factors can affect your relationship
  • Resolve conflict properly

As you continue with your counselling sessions, you’ll find the more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it. By the end, you and your partner will have found ways to overcome your problems or perhaps may have decided it might be better to separate, temporarily or permanently. Counselling offers you the space and time to grow and decide what you’d like the future to hold for both of you.

Relationship counselling and psychotherapy

Counselling is about resolving your issues so your relationship will endure for years to come. In many situations, it’s about starting the relationship between you or your partner again and learning to value what’s most important to you.

Our experienced Devon Therapy Services counsellors and psychotherapists can help anyone living in or around the Exeter or Torquay areas with all relationship issues, regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion or ethnicity. What’s important to us is your relationship as a whole.

We can help work through any issues in your current relationship and how to improve or enrich it, as well as look at how past relationships might be affecting you.

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