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Helping with with various mental health issues

Why is student mental health counselling important?

Whatever you’re studying, if you’re a student, you’re likely to face various challenges while pursuing your education, including academic pressure, social and personal conflicts, financial worries, and personal struggles.

Over time, these issues can build up, taking a toll on your physical and mental health and overall well-being.

Without seeking help or support, they can lead to a slump in academic performance, difficulty in forming and maintaining relationships, and a negative impact on your physical health. Mental health counselling is an important part of overall student well-being and academic success. By accessing this kind of counselling and psychotherapy, you’ll develop the skills and coping mechanisms you need to navigate these challenges and achieve your full potential.

Common mental health issues students may face

You may experience a range of mental health issues during your years of study. Some of the more common issues that students can experience include anxiety, depression, stress, and loneliness, which can severely disrupt your studies, negatively impacting your academic and personal life.

Anxiety can display itself as worry, fear, or panic, which may interfere with your ability to focus or study well. Depression is a mood disorder that can cause sadness, hopelessness, and low energy.

Stress is a normal response to high-pressure situations – like presentations, revision, or exams – but it can become overwhelming if not managed properly. And, while being around others for much of the time, feelings of isolation, disconnection, and loneliness can impact your mental health too.

In addition to these common mental health issues, you might experience more specific mental health concerns such as eating disorders, sleep deprivation, substance abuse, trauma, or even suicidal thoughts. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, you must access mental health counselling services to help manage and overcome them.

Student counselling with Devon Therapy Services

Our team of experienced counsellors and psychotherapists at Devon Therapy Services help students across Exeter and Torquay with various mental health issues. Being close to several big education providers in Exeter and beyond, our team has proven to be an invaluable resource for students of all ages struggling with mental health issues.

Whether it’s anxiety, depression, or any other mental health challenge, the team at Devon Therapy Services is trained and qualified to listen to every student and provide the support you need. With our compassionate and skilled therapists, you can work through any challenge and find the coping strategies you need to live and study to your full potential.

If you feel you need student mental health counselling, contact our Devon Therapy Services team today for more information.

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