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What is Transactional Analysis Therapy?

Transactional Analysis (TA) therapy is an updated form of psychology intended to help people with personal change and growth. TA therapy can help anyone to reach their fullest potential in all areas of life by working with an awareness of cognitive, behavioural, and emotional processes, offering opportunities for in-depth insight and change.

Developed in the 1960s from ideas by Dr Eric Berne, TA is a practical therapy system for helping to understand and produce changes in personality and communication in relationships and day-to-day life. TA therapy is a collaboration between you and your therapist, where you’re both equals with neither of you more ‘in control’ or dominant than the other.

TA counselling and therapy can address deeply rooted issues to link personality (who we are) with communication (how we interact with others). It all starts with understanding three basic beliefs. These are:

  • That you were born ‘OK’
  • That you are free and able to make your life choices and decisions
  • That you can change these choices and decisions whenever you like

Will Transactional Analysis Therapy work for me?

Working with an awareness of cognitive, behavioural, and emotional processes offers opportunities for in-depth insight and change, with a flexibility that allows focus either on a journey of development or on working towards a specific endpoint to suit you.

One defining theory of TA therapy involves using and understanding the three key parts of your personality and how you relate to others.

These are called ‘ego states’, and they encapsulate the behavioural and emotional processes we use daily:

  • The Parent ego state: Feelings, thoughts, and behaviours copied from your parents
  • The Adult ego state: Feelings, thoughts, and behaviours in response to your situation
  • The Child ego state: Feelings, thoughts, and behaviours replayed from your childhood

TA aims to help you gain and maintain independence by focusing on the Adult state. But understanding each of these ego states can help to ensure you maximise your potential for effective decision-making and ensure your relationships with others are as appropriate, dynamic, and intimate as possible.

By understanding how we communicate and express ourselves, TA can help you identify any damaging or restrictive judgements you make. This process will help you improve your life, your relationships, and your sense of personal wellness.

The benefits of Transactional Analysis Therapy

Anyone can use TA therapy any time there’s a need to understand yourself, how you communicate, and your personal and professional relationships.

Here are just a few ways that TA therapy might benefit you in the long term:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • More effective ways to communicate
  • Eliminating unhelpful or negative thoughts and actions
  • It can help to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions
  • TA therapy can apply to different issues

Transactional Analysis therapy with Devon Therapy Services

Transactional Analysis therapy is a commonly used psychotherapy used by people who want to explore their ego states and improve their communication skills. But TA is also crucial to resolving relationship confusion or conflict.

As Transactional Analysis therapy specialists in Exeter and Torquay, Devon Therapy Services can help you awaken your self-awareness, thoughts, and actions and take responsibility for your decisions to improve any of your life’s relationships.

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